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“This island will become a shining example of human rights”

– Mayor Redman | 1947


Another Pitch by Kevin R Hickey

The full moon peers through a thin spot in the clouds as rain drenches shoppers on a bustling city street bathed in an orange & yellow glow

Locals scurry through the rain seeking moments of shelter under storefront awnings. Shop-owners & customers barter while jaywalkers dash across the street amid the frustration of passing drivers

A red door with no markings or signage opens along a blank brick wall. White light pours out of the doorway. A silhouette of a confident man wearing a trench coat and fedora steps out of the doorway

Bateman raises his collar as he walks down the street, random citizens start to notice him. He repeatedly looks over his shoulder as more & more people make eye contact

As he continues, everyone is looking at him. He picks up his pace with short sprints from awning to awning

A sultry brunette raises an eyebrow and hums as she passes. He bumps into a dude in a clear plastic parka. “Watch it ese!”

Frantic, he starts to jog. He trips over a crack in the sidewalk. He looks up to see an old woman cackling in his face

He jumps up, starts to run. He looks back at the woman, then runs into a mailbox

He falls to the ground. Another Man chuckles as he passes. Rain pools in his eyes

A young girl giggles. He looks up to find an innocent little girl with pigtails sucking on a lollipop. Joe relaxes his shoulders. The girl smiles revealing the red lollipop

He smiles & laughs with the girl. They laugh together as her bicuspids elongate into fangs

The man stops laughing. The girl lunges at the man

Her mother snaps her back by her coat collar, “What do we think of street food?”

The girl looks down, “It’s for poor people”

“That’s right.” They walk off

Bateman stands up. He shakes himself off & looks up

The rain is letting up as the clouds disperse, revealing another glimpse of the full moon

He calms down and walks past graffiti on a brick wall, “Everyone sucks!”

Suddenly, a shadow snatches him into an alley. His scream quickly morph into a weak, gargling plea coming from the darkness

The view rises providing silhouettes of home lives in the building. A Mom serving dinner. A couple kissing n a couch. An old man watching TV

The view rises faster and faster to reveal a gothic cityscape bathed in fresh rain & pale moonlight. A crow flies by

A roof-top Billboard reads, “New Cruor Properties | If you lived here, you’d be home by now”

|Smash Cut|

Multiple, otherworldly screams clash with a terrifying music sting

Title Slate: Dracopolis


A Hard Boiled Narrator says, “Selene. AKA Dracopolis. Not a great place to visit….

You definitely don’t want to live there. Only Suckers live here.” 

The only place in the world where vampires can live freely. A mecca where one can obtain a home, a career, a life. A chance for prosperity versus hiding in the shadows, as a nomadic predator.

A city devoted to the basic right of all – to exist, to procreate, to achieve. A ghetto in the truest sense of the word, yet Vampires live openly on this island city cut off from the mainland. In Dracopolis, vampires are welcome as equals rather than hunted like vermin. For at the end of the day they acknowledge that they truly do pose a threat to humanity. Now they may provide services, an economy & taxes.

Any human over twenty-one, convicted of murder, rape, war-crimes & especially white collar crimes over $1M can choose to live there instead of the new mandatory minimum. Capital punishment.” 

“If your here you have to make friends to survive. You are only worth your weight in blood. You don’t take a bit out of this city, this city will take a bite out of you.”

Otherwise Vampires here have rather normal lives from night to night. An upper class and a lower class with few in the middle. Just like the real world. Other than the occasional street feast, and the sparse daytime population, Dracopolis is mostly like Manhattan, specifically Gotham


All are Vampires Unless Otherwise Noted

Police – beat cop, captain…some others

Blood Bag distro People(1 main, 2-4 support staff at a large company)

A delivery guy,

A WWII vet. Part of a specialized platoon that got to feast on as many Nazi’s. “The best fed soldiers in the army,” Flashback Episode.

A Blood Bar owner, his hot waitress staff.

Toxic Waste disposal conglomerate. Big bad corporate tycoon.

Bossman – Mafioso who still likes to hunt his food. They take care of the human convicts sent there. Big Dexter fans.

Rival Crime Boss, not so into Dexter.


Some humans manage to survive here.

Some are protected by the crime boss(es) and do ‘special’ work. Usually the craziest serial killing sickos they can find.

Daykeepers. Someone needs to keep things running during the day. Since the Vamps are generally well fed and look at killing as low brow, Daykeepers are humans that keep the cities infrastructure going during the day.

Some humans manage to survive by having key positions at the Blood Bank or in their financial district. They are usually white collar Bernie Madoff types. Well publisized so everyone knows their face.

The citizens of Selene maintain a very artistic culture. Lots of little galleries and boutique fashion stores. And plenty of Day Clubs where the party never stops.

No street food aside from a ‘juice’ box cart here and there. BTW, that’s not juice.

Residents affectionately refer to themselves as suckers. They let the world put them all in one place. Easier to wipe them out if humans decide they should. So they know the score and keep with the program. It’s so much easier to resist temptation living in Selene. They finally got some distance from the curse of their new gifts.

Having to kill for a meal is a pain & too time consuming. Seriously, who has time to cook….

The UN recognized their right to exist a decade ago. Non-Violent protest from Vampires who had lived amongst us. Vampires who came out to their friends and neighbors. Since they had proved their respect for humanity by living undetected amongst humans for a few generations, they convinced the world that they have the right to exist. Even the Pope supported their rights

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